HashBit Mining


About Us

HashBit Mining is a cloud mining company. We are using the latest technology to maximize mined coins and minimize costs.

Our clients use the computing power of mining equipment located in our specialized data centers, without owning or maintaining physical equipment.

We also use artificial intelligence at all stages of mining to make the system safe and reliable.


The history of HashBit Mining began at the end of 2020. The founders of the company managed to find each other, being users of the same crypto platform.

After some time, it was decided to launch own company. And then ,the interest of friends, who also wanted to participate, became visible.

They decided to turn the idea of cloud mining into a service and thought over every step to make it convenient and beneficial for platform users.

The presence of a variety of packages, regular payments and a referral program are carefully considered and selected for the various capabilities of users.

Since our inception, we have continued to improve and listen to our users, but one thing remains the same: We strongly believe in the future of the cloud mining, and we enjoy being a part of a promising and growing mining community.

– HashBit Mining

Who We Are

Recently, cloud mining is gaining more and more popularity. Cloud mining is an alternative to buying farms and solving many problems related to their placement, power supply, maintenance.

HashBit Mining has become one of such platforms, which has such functions as: Reinvest, Referral Program, Convenient Statistics and Automatic activation of packages.

Our Vision: HashBit Mining is committed to expanding its business and serving global users in the future through technological innovation and artificial intelligence.


Our Technology

HashBit Capital is an innovative platform for mining, storing and multiplying your investments.
  • Our equipment is located in specialized data centers. Clients rent equipment without physical presence. A huge advantage is that you do not have to pay for the depreciation expense for the possession of the equipment. Also, our data centers are under the clock protection.
  • We are using the artificial intelligence for multi-layered data protection and automatic activation of investment packages.
  • Lastly, HashBit Mining ensures uninterrupted transmission of data on equipment, stable operation of servers and data centers.